Hi I'm Bethan, from Morpeth, Northumberland. I am a master trainer for Pound and have nurtured a range of community classes for the past 10 years. I think music and movement are two of the most powerful forces of good and we all deserve to do more of what makes us feel good! Growing up i saw myself as a backing dancer for Britney! (of course) However my self confidence and mental health took a tole as a result of health problems and the competitive environment dance can bring so I had to find a different path. I became an instructor, due to the demand for zumba and began teaching classes for kids, adults and golden adults. I found the inclusive, friendly, judgement free space to move refreshing, it opened up new possibilities and gave me a new sense of purpose. I want people to feel they are safe and supported, and that they can celebrate movement at any age and any stage of life. I'm an ambassador for the community fitness network as I want to help instructors & participants reconnect with why they do what they do and see how we can come together to help each other in every aspect.