North East (County Durham)

Hi! I'm Debs, I am so excited to be Community Ambassador for County Durham. Supporting the community in fitness and wellbeing has been my passion for 3 years working with families, children, young people and adults in a variety of ways. Bringing fitness and wellbeing together has been my goal and vision from the day I left my day job. I'm proud owner of Go Forth Fitness and Wellbeing and Director of Live Well North East CIC. I started my fitness journey quite late in life and never found anything I liked, I found more excuses than anything else. However after having major spinal surgery I decided it was time. I tried many things but boxing got me hooked, I took part in an UWCB event and raised over £2000 for Cancer Research and the fire inside was ignited for fitness and I wanted others to find their passion. Since then I have qualified in Boxercise, Kids Boxercise, Metafit, MetaPWR, GroupSparring and my latest is Rock Box and will be doing L1 England Boxing soon. Over three years we have raised over £8000 for a variety of amazing causes, we have developed members of our group past and present and have helped them achieve their goals. They have became volunteers and onto becoming coaches themselves and in turn supporting others. We are fortunate to be supporting many youth groups and organisations in fitness and wellbeing and cant wait to do more. We are honoured to have been chosen to represent County Durham.