The classes that I currently run are 3 Move It or Lose It day time classes in different venues in Nailsworth One Zumba gold toning and am starting a Meno class this week! So currently 5 which I appreciate compared to many of you it’s a small number.. but from little acorns do oak trees grow! From September I plan to increase my classes particularly with Zumba and Meno. I believe that if community classes are not offered then community will die. Classes are more than just exercise ..they are support for people and particularly in rural areas where public transport is non existent they enable people to be aware of others and vice Versa. They often prevent people’s problems from turning from molehills to mountains! Solutions are often found by having a laugh with others and suddenly appreciating that it’s great to be alive! As well as giving classes I support the community by taking classes in ballet, dance and singing. I am involved with the community newspaper. Life is for living and I love is where it’s at! I am grandma to 8 grandchildren mum to 5 children and married and have been widowed.( now remarried) In my spare time i am ultra runner have completed Marathon des sables,and Gobi desert challenge as well as run 100 miles in minus 40 in Yukon Canada( with daughter)and cycled in minus 40 350 miles in Arctic. Regularly run 50 mile and 100 mile events.