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Hi! My name is Jennifer Lang and I am proud to say that I am a dance and dance fitness fanatic! I live in Quarrier’s Village, Inverclyde, with my husband Stuart. I have been dancing since I was 7 years old and as a participant I have enjoyed many different dance styles. I have gone from Disco to Salsa to Street/Hip-Hop and Street Jazz, to possibly my ultimate favourite, Flamenco. In March 2012 I qualified as a Zumba instructor, in August 2014 I qualified as a FitSteps instructor, in November 2017 I qualified as Hau2 Fitness instructor, and finally in May 2018 I qualified as Boogie Effect instructor. I currently run two FitSteps classes and one Boogie Effect class per week. I have enjoyed endless benefits through dance and have met so many amazing and inspirational people, which is what ultimately drives my passion for promoting dance fitness, community fitness, and fitness in general. I juggle running my classes with a full-time job as an Accounts Supervisor for a door manufacturing company and my role as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader, and through that I am an Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs for Greenock & District. Life is never dull!

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