North East (Teesside)

I'm Lou. My story may strike a chord with a few people.. Tried gyms. Bored. Left or worse still, paid and didn't go. Nearly 9 years ago I got a leaflet advertising classes in my village hall. I went. Once. Loved it. Upped to 3 times a week.. Became friends with the instructor, she supported me 6 years ago to get my Zumba licence to help out with classes over a period of time, then ETM. We became FuZed fitness, as well as very good friends. I now teach POUND, Zumba (Gold, Step,Toning) and Rockbox all in the rural community of North Yorkshire. I love my job. I still have to nip myself sometimes and remind myself it's me.... I'm 48, and currently the best version of me. Fit. Strong. Healthy. I'm also an advanced practitioner in critical care, a parallel universe job, fitness is my escape and stress release button. I am an avid supporter of community fitness , and am exceptionally excited that this fantastic support network has arisen for all community fitness teams, and that CFN is out there to support us. Being an ambassador for community fitness is an honour and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us. #wearecommunity