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North Wales

Hi everyone, Louise here, and I run Aspire Fitness Studio in Rhos on Sea on the North Wales Coast. It all began after my son was born in January 2014, I didn't want to start doing something that other instructors were doing in my area, I wanted to find something COMPLETLY different from everyone else, so I researched what was currently going on and decided to start up my own Hula Hooping class in the community and LOVED IT!!!!! I wanted to do more.... I then found Boogie Bounce, how much fun is bouncing around on a trampoline to fab music? It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and no-one was doing it in my area. I found Clubbercise.... OMG!!!! A workout to club tunes, in a darkened room with disco lights and Glowsticks, HELL YE!!! Lastly, I found POUND, a rockout workout using lightly weighted RipStix, it was the missing piece in my timetable, everything that I was doing was great for weight-loss, but what about toning up? It was definitely POUND; I am now complete. I have been running my studio for just over 2.5 years now, and it is going from strength to strength.

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