I’m Sam, I teach 4 community fitness classes a week, ranging from Clubbercise, Zumba Gold and my own Seated format. I also teach for a leisure centre and teach private classes in local special schools and charities including Headway, SWIAS & Open Door Centre. I am passionate about inclusive fitness, as an instructor with a physical disability, I make my classes fully inclusive and open to everyone. I have a few classes that are 50% disabled people and 50% able bodied. I feel community fitness suits disabled people more as it’s more welcoming and sociable for them to be integrated in to the community more. Before I qualified as a instructor, I was the only disabled person attending classes and even now despite awareness getting out there, a lot of instructors have a fear of not knowing how to cater for them. I myself have seen the massive positive impact exercise has had on my own disability and has massively halted the increased aging process that I should have noticed by now! I also work as a disability sports coach on a community project and I am a personal trainer. Outside of work, I love dancing, Trampolining, and have a big love for powerlifting. I love travelling and exploring new cultures, especially old buildings!