A project aimed at promoting and supporting exercise for active seniors.

Community Fitness Network will work with community fitness instructors across regions within the UK to engage social interaction targeted solely on the elderly.

The outcome of this project is to address the barriers the elderly face when it comes to participating in physical activity.

We will work with instructors in targeted areas to provide support in helping them to develop a social aspect of the classes they provide to the elderly, resulting in participants becoming physically active but also addressing the loneliness and isolation that many of the elderly experience on a daily basis

Reaching Rural

We will work to remove the barriers faced by people who live in rural locations across the country,


Accessibility to fitness classes can become difficult due to fitness classes not being available in rural locations, we want to work within these areas right across the UK to engage more people in fitness activities.


Over 5 years we will work with at least 100 rural communities nationwide with the aim of attracting 4500 participants. We will provide support and guidance to instructors who are located in rural locations to enable them to promote their classes in rural locations.



#abilitynotdisability is a project which sees the increase of community fitness and wellness for those with additional learning needs. Working with instructors around the UK, we will provide access to training to develop instructor skills


The benefits of this project are more than just an improvement on fitness for this demographic. This will allow participants to use fitness to improve their knowledge of their locality, improve social skills, improve motor skills and build friendship groups

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