The “Get Yer Kit On”  initiative launched in January 2020, designed to tackle the mental, physical and social health of young women and girls in communities


As puberty sets in in young women,  confidence takes a nose-dive and those same outgoing girls can often transform in to unrecognisably timid, risk adverse and self-conscious versions of their former self. Confidence is the essential ingredient for turning thoughts in to action and has the ability to multiply itself as the benefits pay off; too often, if a gap in confidence is allowed to build, it remains throughout adulthood and imposes deeps challenges.

Designed to tackle the "confidence gap", Get Yer Kit on roadshows support body image, mental health and mindset, physical activity and nutrition to the poor and rural communities; a route to improve confidence in young women and girls

This programme has 4 core elements


  • Pop Up Kit Shop – An opportunity for girls and young women to gain access to no cost quality new/pre loved sports wear and receiving an outfit to enable the participation in physical activity. Making sure each young woman leaves feeling incredible about herself.

  • Access to community activity – Working with International fitness brand, Clubbercise, a local and community based instructor will provide a range of free sessions to be accessed by each woman and girl in that locality. Clubbercise® classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lights and trademark LED glow sticks. A fusion of dance, toning and combat moves with high/low impact options for all fitness levels, one class burns around 600 calories. Clubbercise classes create a feel good class for all ages to popular music. Clubbercise have over 1000 instructors in the United Kingdom and are in the top 3 major fitness suppliers of the UK to communities

  • Training Opportunities for young women. Women aged 16+ accessing our programme can also benefit from a training programme which would give them a range of fitness qualifications and a Clubbercise CPD to kick start a fitness career

  • Virtual access to a resources platform created by, and aimed at women, to support their mental health

Due to COVID-19, our further roadshow dates have been moved to later in the year. Get Yer Kit On will be available from September 2021 with exact locations to be announced in the summer of 2021.