Level 2
Understanding Nutrition, Performance and Healthy Eating

The aim of this qualification is to provide learners with an understanding of nutrition for performance and healthy eating.


Aimed at people working in fitness who want to be able to help and support clients to further their knowledge of Nutrition and support class members. It’s a great introduction to Nutrition which covers the basics of nutrition covering 


• function of food
• relationship between food and health
• importance of a balanced diet
• principles of weight control
• to promote healthy eating

How the is course is delivered?

The Level 2 Nutrition course is delivered via virtual route. We have created our own platform, NETFIT which takes you through the bulk of your course work and content. 

All learning is online - a hard copy manual is available at an additional cost of approximately £20.  

You will have a named Tutor/assessor who can offer support. 


How long does it take to complete the course?

All learning is completed in your own time. 

Hours to complete the course – 10

Time to complete the course - 3 Months

All assessments must be completed within time.  Where a leaner does not complete in the allotted time and wishes to continue an administration fee of £50 will be applied.  



Assessment is a worksheet that you complete and then email to your assessor for marking 


Course Cost 



When can I start? 

You can start the course whenever you like, there is no official start date. You will receive an email within 7 days of payment containing the following information:

  • How to gain access to your learning materials

  • How to gain access to any technology you may need to use

  • How to submit your work and who you tutor/assessor is

  • Any additional information you may need to know including assessment information and receiving results


Contact Alex if you require any further information, including course content, structure and how you can use this qualification in your business:

Alex alex@communityfitnessnetwork.org