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Music licencing is an incredibly complex issue when it comes to live streaming and VOD. Putting visual and audio together requires a sync licence for both original artist and cover versions of original artist music.

We are delighted to announce a new and exclusive partnership with ClicknClear to give instructors a cost effective solution to obtaining a sync licence for original artists music.

Please see the below details:

A license with ClicknClear will give you sync permissions and access to 350,000 pre approved, original artists music. This will increase by 3.5 million tracks with the addition of the Warner Music catalogue in the next 6 weeks.

Based on a revenue share. Either £150 upfront and 5% of online revenue or no fee and 7.5% of online revenue.

Revenue is reported quarterly and is live and on demand revenue ONLY. You will also take in to account any licence free music being used and then adjust your revenue to suit.

For example:

Online revenue £100

Number of tracks used is 10. Number of click n clear tracks 5 (50%). Number of licence free tracks 5 (50%).

50% of the revenue £50.

7.5% - £3.75

5% - £2.50

These figures are based on honesty and in retrospect paid on a quarterly basis.

You will still need a LOML from PPL.

You will only be covered for music via click n clear, however any other music purchased, you are able to submit to obtain permissions. This way isn't a fast process.

You can sign up using the link below, create an account in the top right corner (log in) and off you go. The site allows searches on various levels including music approved for live streaming, genre, artist etc.

And the link for revenue share for VOD is here:

This needs to be filled in and agreed in addition to creating your account.

Creating an account is free with no obligation.


Licence Free Music

Pure Energy is Europe’s largest fitness music provider, supplying all aspects of the industry with innovative music solutions for over 25 years. 


The Pure Energy team consists of World renowned fitness professionals and music producers who combine their skills and knowledge to ensure that every release is crafted to perfection.

Pure Energy continually strives to meet the demands of new fitness trends, technology and influences, and has most recently introduced a bespoke App for instructors to stream and control their music, as well developing a ground-breaking range of music to service the growing need for audio content for online fitness classes.


Pure Energy GO is a music service for instructors and gym owners who want access to the highest quality licence free fitness music.

All albums within the Pure Energy GO range can be played in online fitness classes, whether that is for live streaming or for posted videos, with no risk of being muted or taken down and with no associated licensing costs.