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Get Educated... Increase your income

One of our aims is to give community instructors the recognition they deserve as a fitness

professional. With this in mind we think that Education is a central part of this.

Let’s caste our minds back to around about 2008/9, until teaching in the community meant

taking the traditional route that went something like this. Take an Exercise to Music Course

and then set up an Aerobics class in the local village hall, we grapevined, box stepped and

leg, bummed and tummed in our own happy little way. Then something happened, Zumba

came along and with it the training model changed. Something magical happened and

fitness teaching became so much more accessible. You loved dance fitness? Then you could

teach it.

Fast forward 10 years, it’s a business model that has taken over the industry, fitness brands

offering one day training courses. They offer all that you need to set up a class, music,

choreography, marketing support, the list goes on. Without this model community fitness

wouldn’t be what it is today.

However, why stop there? Once you’ve stepped your toe into the water there’s an ocean

waiting to be explored. That one day training just skims the surface of what teaching a class

means. The natural next step is to look at a formal qualification. We want to support your

professional development, we offer quality education with experienced tutors, who will

guide you through the course and assessment. Our tutors are all community based and

know just what it takes to be successful in the community.

Pop over to our training page to find the latest courses we have on offer.

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