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In March 2020, like many other industries, the fitness industry was thrown in to a huge level of uncertainty. Nearly 12 months later, that uncertainty still remains.. but with one MASSIVE difference.

The INDUSTRY STEPPED UP! ​ A large amount of fitness instructors, facilities and fitness brands rose to the occasion, pivoted their business and got their technical s**t together to take community fitnes from inside halls and schools, straight in to people's homes. ​ For 4 weeks from 25 Jan-21st of Feb 2021, CFN will be raising awareness across our social media (Facebook, Insta and Linkedin and Twitter) of all of the wonderful things that instructors and community facilities have been involved in through lockdowns 1, 2 and 3; and all the bits in between to support the physical, mental and social health of our communities. From activity packs, to food parcels and from Clubbercise classes to running groups, instructors have really been an essential service to the UK and beyond. This campaign is to recognise their efforts and give some support back where possible. ​ Part of the Solution have been running a fantastic campaign which has proved incredibly popular in the CrossFit community. We wanted to extend this and do what we can to ensure our valuable facilities, instructors and brands are there on the other side; as well as showcase just how vital exercise is for our all round health. ​ If you wish to share with us, some of your activities or those of your community based instructor, facility or brand, please send them via whatsapp to +447485008584.


Support Your Instructor

We will donate £10 from each item purchased to the instructor, community facility or brand of your choice.. Shop here

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